Scientific English Language Editing

  • Choice of suitable terms and phrases;
  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation check;
  • Verification of tenses and verbs;
  • Style editing, without altering of content;

Technical Editing of Manuscripts

  • Typesetting in Bulgarian and English language;
  • Translation from and to Bulgarian and English language;
  • Editing the structure of the text according to particular requirements of a scientific journal;
  • Preparation, correction and proofing of references;

Design and Layout

  • Complete or partial set up of posters and PowerPoint presentations;
  • Submission of presentations for scientific meeting (congresses, conferences, seminars, etc.);
  • Design and processing of scientific and medical illustrations according to particular requirements;
  • Access to press services;
  • Final product in various standard formats such as: .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .cdr, etc.

Consultant Services

  • Assistance for preparation of scientific manuscripts in Bulgarian and English language;
  • Assistance for submission of manuscripts intended for publication in scientific journals as original or review articles;
  • Assistance with electronic submission systems;
  • Monitoring of submitted manuscripts and articles;
  • Assistance in the late stages of publishing: for corrections and re-submissions;

Training and consultation when working with bibliographic software and data bases

  • Construction and handling of EndNote libraries;
  • Training in PubMed data base;
  • Training in GenBank data base and submission of processed sequences;
  • Training in PMC data base;
  • Training in ISI Thomson Reuters data base;